New Candle & Fragrance Line
We make this right here!
Soap $5; Lotion $7 and Soy Candles $12
    - Candles
    - Soap
    - Lotions
    - Sachets

  Available in all of fragrances
Our Fragrances:

- Bird of Paradise -  A vanilla base with mid tones of Strawberry and high notes of Pomegranite & Peach.   Smells just like the one you are thinking about!

- Love Spell- Victoria Secret has nothing on this fragrance! 

- Pure Grace - A clean smell just like the nationally known brand.

- Fruit Crush -Tangy smell of lemon, lime, orange & strawberries

- Eternal Hunt - Smells like a very expensive men's colonge

Mississippi Shape Soaps $5
Aroma Bead Sachets $3. Great for cars, closets, bathrooms, drawers, luggage .... even as a small happy to add to a gift bag.