2976 Hwy 16 East
Edinburg, MS 39051

OPEN:  Mon - Sat 10am to 6pm
Open:  Most Sundays
1pm to 4pm (call ahead I'm usually there)

OPEN:  Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm
OPEN:  Most Sundays 1pm to 4pm  (call 601- 298-2000) if you want
                                                                                            to be sure if not posted here)
OPEN:  Sunday April 30, 2023 and EVERY Sunday during the month of May 2023.

(Call ahead or if you see an open sign, stop, I am in the studio and will come out.   Also, if you see a white car, I am around)

This also applies to after 6pm.   If the studio looks open and sign and white car are out front, stop.   I am in the studio and will be happy to come out for shoppers.

Canton Flea Market Thursday May 11, 2023

At our location behind the old jail, circled in red.
Mugs $20
Our new building! (the fourth Graceland Building). We know have over 2000 square feet of retail space.
Jar Topper with Zenia's. $10.

A snap shot from a customer's home.   What a wonderful way to enjoy a few stems of your home grown zenias!

Jar Topper $10.  Fits over any size Mason jar.
        Dirt Roads Pottery is the home of the original "Jar Topper"
New Color!  Stormy Sky
4 inch Crosses and Angels only $5

Shop in our expanded jewelry area at our retail location or buy select jewelry in our online store.

Lord Grey laying in the front window, awaiting visitors. This spot is always left open for him!
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